Training Modules

Prospecting With Video

The main focus of this video training series will be on MARKETING and PROSPECTING with video!! You will see how to get your BUYERS and SELLERS to market you to their friends, relatives and work associates using the power of video. In a recent NAR study it was revealed that 80% of buyers and selles want video and only 10% of real estate agents are using this as a tool to acquire new clients. In this new videos series, we will show you how to shoot, edit and prospect with video like a pro... without having to shoot, edit or personally appear in any of the scenes yourself. In today's new real estate world, marketing has moved from print media to the Internet. This is a good thing, because the Internt is also the least expensive way to make a big splash!

Session 1 – Modules 1 – 3 : Goal Setting

Modules 1 – 3 we discuss what is considered the most important yet often overlooked aspect of being in sales, goal setting and your state of mind. We all experience tough days in any line of work, when selling real estate your goals and state of mind must be clearly defined. In these modules you will see how easy it is to establish the highest possible goals and how to develop the right mindset, enabling you to conquer any goal you set for yourself. Did you know that in a Harvard study of graduating students, only 3% of the class had written goals? One decade later this 3% went on to make 10 times more than all of the other 97% combined. I hope that got your attention!

Session 2 – Modules 4 – 8 : Your Business Management

Module 4 – 8 walks you through the Real Estate Professional Road Map version of Getting Started and the Quick Start Guide that all Real Estate Professionals can use to parachute into any market and hit the ground running at break neck speed. The exact things you need to do to get listings and sell homes fast in any market. Then we go deep into Database Management and Client Contact Management. Even though these two areas sound similar they are very different in how they will make you a highly effective, well-organized real estate agent. Finally we wrap it up with a great session on Time Management real estate style, sharing things that only a seasoned veteran can tell you from being way down in the trenches of the School of Hard Knocks.

Session 3 – Modules 9 – 11 : Institutional and Direct Response Marketing

Modules 9 – 11 covers in detail the various methods of marketing that all real estate agents must implement into their real estate business. Illustrating by example what it is that you need to do to set up the perfect online and offline, banded and low- branded adverting campaigns. We discuss why it is that some types of marketing should almost never be used and why other marketing and advertising will be the backbone of your lead generation systems. In these modules you will learn clearly why marketing is the middle ground between real estate sales and real estate advertising. If you are serious about growing hour business, you will gain a real understanding about he three different kinds of leverage that there are and how to infuse them into your real estate business.

Session 4 – Modules 12 : Branded & low-Branded Websites + Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click

Module 12 we cover your websites and your web site marketing strategy in great detail... this is a critical stage in the process to understand what you will need to develop your “web site instincts”. The two different kinds of marketing being Branded and low-Branded, as well we will continue digging deeper into the SEO conversation. You will see how to use the right web site in the right way to go after the correct target market. We will also discuss how to integrate Blogging, showing you why it is the most beneficial way to build and maintain your long-term list. This is a very large real estate training module so it will be necessary to continue the training in the next session.

Session 5 – Modules 12 : Your Web Site Marketing Strategy Continued

Module 12 continued – we will be drilling much deeper into the Pay Per Click (PPC) web site called the Gold Rush Leads. Showing you important elements in the back office that will enable you to put your system on autopilot. You will also learn the secrets to low-Branded Market Mail Outs. We then move into the Red Hot Web Page and how to systemize it in three different ways, Classified Ads, Single Address Websites and Target Market Media Advertising. You will also learn the importance of Blogging how to use your Blog for SEO purposes as well as for maintaining contact with your long-term list and how to outsource your article writing. Finally we will show you how to get a referral presentation into every listing appointment and how to combine it with the 45 Day Viral Marketing Script.

Session 6 – Modules 13 : The 12 Triggers to SOCIAL, NETWORK and REFERRAL Marketing

In this Session
we will cover the 12 money making Triggers of Social, Network and Referral Marketing. In Module 13 we will show you how to educate and motivate your clients about the importance of their list, involving them in several new viral marketing strategies. You will learn to leverage your real estate business using little known secrets of social media, technology and several offline strategies. You will see step by step how to target hundreds and even thousands of new potential buyers and sellers, starting from the very first presentation and continuing through the entire buying and selling cycle of your customers and clients. Growing your list at the speed of a click!

Session 7 – Modules 14 – 15 : Prospecting, Marketing and Management Systems

Session Seven
is where the rubber hits the road and where we start working on your Prospecting, Marketing & Management Systems. Top Real Estate Professionals in all real estate markets invariably have setup the most well run systems. By definition a system is any formulated, regular, or special method or plan of procedure: a system of marking, numbering, or measuring; and ultimately winning by repeating a series of steps. We will cover 26 new and redefined prospecting systems that we will disseminate in ways only discussed here in the Real Road Map Real Estate Professional training. Showing you how to find the best source of leads in your market and how to run multiple prospecting and Lead Generation systems all at the same time, because even when you can’t be prospecting your systems will "Always Be Prospecting.""

Session 8 – Modules 16 – 19 : Perpetual Sales Loop

Session 8, in this series of videos we will show you how to get inside the minds of your buyers and sellers, using what we call the Crystal Ball Effect because of just how revealing your clients can be when following these methods. In Video one we cover the three sales cycles and how to define your permission based perpetual loop. Video two dives into the opening phone call and the early relationship building phase, showing you how to establish an multi-layered followup strategy that will ensure buyers and sellers want to be engaged in the process with you. In Video three we show you exactly how to create your own personal Unique Selling Proposition so that you can separate your self from the masses, easily getting new buyers and sellers to reach out an contact you. In Video four, this is where the rubber hits the road and we show you how to expand your reach with six powerful marketing tools that will change the way you present yourself with all of your online and offline marketing and advertising for the rest of your sales career.